👉 Live Demo | Real-time P2P wireless link at 120 GHz (up to 32 QAM, 1.6 Gbaud) integrated in the 5G network

In the context of TERAWAY Project, an error-free, real-time P2P link (1.6 Gbaud, 32 QAM) in sub-THz spectrum(120 GHz), fully integrated in end-to-end 5G network, was showcased. The transmission link was established using novel photonic integrated circuits (PICs) combined with advanced signal processing techniques.

🎥 Watch the live demo that took place at the Photonics Communications and Research Laboratory of ICCS-NTUA and presented during the project Final Review.


👉 LiveDemo | 30 meters THz link enabled by TERAWAY PICs

A real-time, error-free, transmission in a sub-THz P2P link was showcased, using novel photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and advanced real-time signal processing techniques, in a distance of more than 30m.

🎥 Watch the  live demo