In order to address its objectives, TERAWAY is structured in six (6) Technical Work Packages (WPs), one work package for the Project management, one work package for dissemination and exploitation of results and a work package devoted to the Ethics requirements that the project must comply with.

WP1 is devoted to the coordination and the overall management for the project. (WP Leader: ICCS)

WP2 is responsible for the definition of the application scenario, the system design, the translation of the system design into system and components specs, the channel modelling tasks and the methods and simulation tools for the transmission, beamforming and localization tasks. (WP Leader: ICCS)

WP3 is devoted to the design and fabrication of all required photonic components for the development of TERAWAY transceivers. (WP Leader: FhG-HHI)

WP4 is devoted to the development by FBH of the TIAs, the development of the packaging methodology, and the final packaging by PHIX of the 4 transceiver devices. (WP Leader: PHIX)

WP5 is dedicated to the development of the network management tools (including the extension of the SDN hierarchy to the wireless transport part) and the resource allocation and slicing tools. (WP Leader: CMC)

WP6 is responsible for the system integration of the modules, the system integration of the nodes, and the overall preparation of the system via integration of its hardware and software components. (WP Leader: ICOM)

WP7 is responsible for the system evaluation in lab settings and the execution of the field-trial demos in the 5G demo site of AALTO. (WP Leader: AALTO)

WP8 focuses on the exploitation of the foreground knowledge, the establishment of links to pre/standardization work groups, and the dissemination of the project results. (WP Leader: TID)

WP9 objective is to ensure compliance with the ‘Ethics Requirements’. (WP Leader: ICCS)